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The Silver Bullet: God's RX for Chronic Pain Bible Study

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Looking for hope, encouragement, and spiritual growth? Seeking a remedy for constant pain? God’s solution for your progress lies in the promises He offers in His Word.

By applying Scripture to your circumstances and relationships, you gain the tools necessary for greater intimacy with Jesus Christ.

The Silver Bullet
is a devotional Bible study designed for people with chronic health conditions. Constructed to be flexible, each study has two goals—first, to understand the Scripture quoted, and second, to encourage the user to apply God’s words to his or her circumstances.

The Silver Bullet
provides a spiritual journey through which one discovers how God reaches beyond the quick fixes of the world—medications, therapies, exercises, seminars, mechanical manipulations, operations, and the latest, greatest cure-all potion offered by marketing enterprises—and prescribes Jesus Christ as the ultimate solution for chronic pain. By working through the devotional lessons, in either individual or group study, it is possible to keep physical pain from being a life-stopper and to gain freedom of intimacy with Jesus Christ.

  • Study Biblical passages for life applications
  • Memorize scripture for nourishment
  • Challenge your attitudes to make life-style changes
  • Pray for others
  • Suggest ideas to meet others needs


Table of Contents



CHAPTER ONE: God Declares Jesus Is His Son
Study 1: Who Is Jesus
Study 2: Why Did Jesus Come To Earth
Study 3: What Did Jesus' Works Reveal
Study 4: Is Jesus Apart From Father God
Study 5: How Can A Man Be God

CHAPTER TWO: God Identifies Jesus With Many Names
Study 1: Jesus Is The Cornerstone
Study 2: Jesus Is The Church
Study 3: Jesus Is The Messiah
Study 4: Jesus Is God's Living Son
Study 5: Jesus Is The Source Of Our Faith

CHAPTER THREE: God Provides Jesus As Our Savior
Study 1: What Is A Savior
Study 2: Where Will I Find My Savior
Study 3: Who Is My Savior
Study 4: How Does My Savior Help Me
Study 5: Why Do I Have A Savior

CHAPTER FOUR: God Affirms Jesus Is The Way
Study 1: Jesus Is The Way
Study 2: Jesus Is The Light
Study 3: Jesus Is The Bread Of Life
Study 4: Jesus Is The Vine
Study 5: Jesus Is The Resurrection

APPENDIX A: Memorizing Scripture
APPENDIX B: Leader's/Reader's Guide

“My experience as a licensed professional counselor with clients living in chronic pain is that a large part of their lives are driven by their feelings. However, scripture states, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” (Col. 3:2) The Silver Bullet helps those with chronic pain to be in the word of God daily, therefore creating a proper balance between dealing with the reality of physical pain and the reality of a very present God.” --Carol L. Selander M.S., M.F.C.C.

“For me this study is the perfect amount of time spent reading, learning, processing, praying and re-evaluating my God to my body ratio.” --Barbara Maase (suffers from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia)

“The Silver Bullet can bless and help all of us, especially those who have physical difficulties. It is obvious the author has experienced chronic pain first hand. The Lord has spoken these words to her in order that we may be healed spiritually. I highly recommend this study.” --Jenny Fahey, R.N. (suffers from Fibromyalgia)

Author: Jonnie Wright
Paperback, 181 pages

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